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Teeth whitening enables patients who have discoloration to restore their smiles and confidence levels. Even when patients practice regular brushing and flossing, discoloration can occur which is why tooth whitening counterbalances the adverse effects of food, drink, and lifestyle choices. Whitening not only restores the beauty of your smile, but it makes you feel good about showing others as well.

Teeth Whitening Q & A

What causes discoloration?

Discoloration can occur for a variety of reasons including continued consumption of caffeine, sugars, acids, or nicotine. As the staining gets darker, it becomes more noticeable to others. There are primarily three types of discoloration that you should be aware.
The most significant contributors to discoloration include:

  • Long-term use of caffeinated drinks like tea, soda, and coffee.
  • Intake of wine over an extended period.
  • Consumption of tar and nicotine are significant contributors to discoloration.
  • Natural discoloration often occurs because of the natural aging process.
  • The build-up of plaque and debris will contribute to yellowing.
  • Long-term use of medication causes discoloration.
  • Trauma to a tooth such as an accident or internal bleeding.

Can I use a store-bought whitener?

Because of the popularity of whitening, there are plenty of over-the-counter products available. Even though some are cheaper than professional dental whitening products, there are distinct differences in the quality which means that they will not make much of a difference when it comes to extrinsic discoloration on your enamel.
Therefore, the American Dental Association recommends that you consult with a dentist before using any product that contains bleaching agents. OTC products often include harsh chemicals that cause thinning which cause irreparable damage to your natural teeth.

What procedures are available at Southampton Aesthetic Dentistry?

Dr. David Agia provides a variety of whitening services that are highly effective and affordable. After an initial exam and cleaning, you have access to in-office and at-home treatment plans based on necessity.

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