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Dental implants have become the preferred standard of care when replacing missing, damaged, or deformed teeth. Southampton Aesthetic Dental is a top choice for dental implants. We utilize the latest in guided implant technology by using a Cone Beam CT scanner. Implants are titanium posts that screw into your jawbone to replace the root of your missing tooth. Implants can be used in the following ways:

  • Replacement of one or more missing teeth
  • Support of a bridge to replace multiple teeth
  • Support of a removable full or partial denture

Benefits of dental implants

Implants vs Bridges

You always have options for different kinds of treatment. We will, of course, present you with the most ideal option, but we will do our best to find other more economical ways to help you achieve your goals. Here is how dental implants compare with dental bridges:


  • A bridge is difficult to keep clean
  • A bridge requires aggressive tooth reduction of healthy teeth that are supporting the bridge
  • An implant saves the adjacent teeth

Dental Implants

  • Implants preserve the bone level
  • Implants allow you to floss and clean the area just like a natural tooth
  • Implants have a success rate of 98%

Advantages of Implants at Southampton Aesthetic Dentistry

  • Designed to last for life
  • Mimic natural teeth
  • Support your facial profile
  • Delay bone loss
  • Non-invasive to other teeth
  • Predictable
  • Easy to care for
  • For single or multiple tooth replacement

What to Expect

Dental implant placement in Southampton, Pennsylvania is a predictable and straightforward process. Although some people request sedation, Dr. David Agia can generally install implants with a small amount of local anesthetic. Since the gums are the only area with nerve endings, you’ll feel little to nothing during the actual procedure.

Your implants need to integrate with the bone around them, so we’ll want to wait a few months before affixing a permanent restoration on top of your new prosthesis.

Types of Implant Restorations

Your dental implant is just the “root” portion of having a new tooth. On top, we’ll need to attach a fixed restoration like a crown, bridge, or denture (depending on how many teeth you’re missing.) Since implants are stronger than natural teeth, they’re able to work in pairs to support the weight of multiple tooth restorations at one time.

During your treatment planning process, Dr. David Agia will discuss the various options and combinations of implants and restorations available. Together, we’ll find a solution that meets your smile needs, timeline, budget, and health.

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